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Where would you Like To Go Today?


September 3rd, 2013 - by Slipstream

O ccasionally when we going on fishing trips, the fishery is just not happening/co operating the way we envisioned that it would when we decided to do the trip. The usual culprit is weather, which pretty much dictates the kind of trip we end up getting. Other times it’s that the bait fish haven’t shown up or the river is flooded. We can meticulously plan all we want but the reality is that there are things that are out of our control, that greatly impact our trips and we have to accept this as part of the “deal” when traveling to fish. This means that we should always have a Plan B when traveling to fish.


Richard French

At Slipstream, we’ve had the good fortune to travel the world fishing the most unique and prestigious angling destinations on the planet.

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