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Great Images from Cuba.

June 8th, 2011 - by Slipstream

E very now and then I get a series of images from a trip that just knock me out in terms of how good the shots are. The shots above and below were taken at Cayo Romano Cuba the last week of April by my good friend KP. The first image is probably the best photo I have ever seen of a fish and angler. The clarity is exceptional and you could probably try to set this shot up a 1000 times and not get it again.


I also really like the second photo. The bonefish was a big one at about 6-7 pounds and we were lucky that the fish was positioned at just the right angle when the shot was taken. A beautiful photo that has the ability to transport the person looking at it right into the environment where the image was shot, is a true work of art. KP has that ability and guys like O’Keefe and Atkinson better look out because there is a new dog biting at their heels!!!

Richard French

At Slipstream, we’ve had the good fortune to travel the world fishing the most unique and prestigious angling destinations on the planet.

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