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Grand River Troutfitters Annual Cuba Trip May 21-28

June 7th, 2011 - by Slipstream

K en Collins the owner of Grand River Troutfitters in Southern Ontario brought down his guys for their annual trip the last week of May. Ken changed it up a bit this year opting to fish in late May rather than his more traditional February time frame. Ken and his people were looking at increasing their odds of catching some larger tarpon and snook, aside from the ridiculous numbers of bonefish they always catch when doing their yearly Zapata trip.


As an added bonus the Grand River group were lucky enough to encounter one of the most incredible migrations in the world. During their week millions of land crabs were migrating from the forest to the saltwater to lay their eggs. It is hard to fathom an entire road covered with crabs from as far as the eye can see. The photo above was shot at the beginning of the migration. I have seen it when you cannot see the road its so thick with crabs.


On of Ken’s guests, fireman Scott Flear had an epic day out at the Bocas, where he landed this beautiful snook. This is no easy feat because a fish of this size will usually get back into the mangroves and bust off. It ate a Puglusi Minnow with a black tail and this same fly also landed a nice yellowtail jack of about 10 pounds and a tarpon of about 25 pounds. This was Scott’s first trip to the Zapata with Ken.


Someone who has been with Ken on many of these trips is Gianni Biral. Gianni landed this beautiful tarpon on his day out in the Bocas, along with several other smaller poons that day. There were many many bones caught by Ken and his group for the week and Ken estimated that his group saw several thousand bonefish during their week. Not too shabby. The river was fishing OK with roughly 4-5 tarpon in the 5-15 pound range landed by each guest.

Richard French

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