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year round


8 rods per week


Tarpon, Bonefish…

Jardines De La Reina (JDR for short) is located in south east Cuba, approximately 75 miles off the coast of the state Camaguey. Due to its natural beauty and extraordinary bio diversity, it has been designated a National Park by the Cuban Government.

Tarpon and Bonefish. Permit, mutton, cubera snapper, jack crevelle, and barracuda are also available.

Year Round

The week begins on Saturday and ends the following Friday. Please note there are two options to choose from when arriving to the Halcon. First, being that all guests fly into Havana the Friday before their week starts in order to make the early Saturday morning hotel pick up for transportation to the Port of Jucaro for 10AM. Going this rout, guests will also spend an additional night in Havana on the back end of their trip, unless they have an early evening flight out of Havana. The second option, on Saturday, guests fly into either Camaguey, Santa Clara, or Cayo Coco and be met by a rep to be transferred to the Port of Jucaro, where you’ll board the Halcon for 10AM. Your departure falls on the following Friday. Please be sure to book an evening flight out of either Camaguey, Santa Clara, or Cayo Coco, as the Halcon doesn’t dock until late morning at the Port of Jucaro.

The Halcon is The Flagship luxury yacht of the live aboard fleet at JDR. Seventy five feet in length, it is equipped below decks with six cabins, and three bathrooms. Good showers with plenty of hot water make things comfortable. Up top there is a large salon, which is fully air conditioned and a perfect place to have cocktails after fishing, before dinner. Meals are usually served on the afterdeck where there is normally a nice breeze. The chef on the Halcon does a wonderful job with the meals. Dinners are primarily seafood- fresh fish every day, lobster and conch. For those that would like something different, chicken and pork are also available. There are two other live aboards, La Reina and Caballones which can also be chartered to cruise and fish the Jardines De La Reina area. Contact us for availability and pricing on these yachts at info@slipstreamangling.com

Angling capacity on board the Halcon is 8 rods.

The entire Jardines De la Reina fishing area is ribboned with more channels, flats, and creeks that you could possibly fish in 10 trips to this location. The Halcon will cruise the waterways in search of the best fishing grounds found within the parks boundaries. The guides are all familiar with the territory that the yacht will be cruising in and guests simply have to decide what it is that they are most interested in fishing for. This kind of flexibility is unique to live aboards in the JDR because of the exceptional and abundant fishing found there. We have run both tarpon and bonefish clinics from the Halcon in years past and will organize this type of week with the yachts captain and guides, if this kind of week is requested. Guests can fish for as long as they want to during the course of the day, from sunrise to sunset and even after dark, if guests care to throw a popper. This is also a great option for guests who want to focus on a Grand Slam. The guides are knowledgeable, hard working and eager to deliver the trip of a lifetime from this vessel! The Halcon must be fully booked out as a private charter.

The flats skiffs used in JDR from the Halcon are Dolphin Sup Skiffs powered by 80 horse power engines. Both fly fishing and spin fishing. No rental gear is available at this location.

For guests choosing to fly into Havana: you will fly into Havana on Friday where you will be met by a Slipstream Angling representative as soon as you clear customs. Once you clear customs guests will need to take a taxi from the airport to your four-star hotel, located in downtown Havana. On Saturday morning, guests will be picked up at their hotel for the transportation down to the Port of Jucaro, arrive at 10AM. Once docked at the Port of Jucaro in the late morning the following Friday, you will be transferred back to Havana for your overnight at a four star hotel in downtown Havana, or to make your late evening flight.

For guests choosing to fly into either Camaguey, Santa Clara, Cayo Coco: You will fly in early on Saturday, where you will be met by a Slipstream Angling representative as soon as you clear customs. Once you clear customs you’ll be transferred to the Port of Jucaro where you’ll board, and overnight on the Halcon live aboard while being transferred to the Jardines de la Reina. On departure day, guests arrive at the port of Jucaro the following Friday in the late morning. Once docked, you will be transferred to either Camaguey, Santa Clara, or Cayo Coco for your evening departing flight. Please be sure to book an evening flight out of either Camaguey, Santa Clara, or Cayo Coco, as the Halcon doesn’t dock until late morning at the Port of Jucaro.

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle a variety of services relating to your trip. For assistance, please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703.

- Bar tabs and other items cannot be paid with credit cards. Cash only
- The Halcon can configured for as many as 8 anglers or as few as 4
- If guests enjoy wading, there are limitless hard packed flats throughout JDR




1) A valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after your departure from Cuba
2) A Cuban Entry Visa.


Low Season : September 3, 2018 to March 3, 2019 and July 1, 2019 to Sept 1, 2019
$5,280 USD Double Occupancy

High Season : March 4 to June 30, 2019

$7,140 USD Double Occupancy

Peak Season : April 29 to June 2, 2019

$8,340 USD Double Occupancy