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International Airport

FPO - Bahamas


November to August


6 rods per week


Bonefish, Barracuda, Permit…

20 miles north east of Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island, on Water Caye

Bonefish. Barracuda, permit, jacks and snappers

November to August

There are no set arrival a departure days at Water Caye Lodge

The lodge’s five guest rooms are tastefully appointed and reflect the natural colors of the Bahamas’ waters, reefs and fish. All the guest rooms have quality air-conditioners, comfy full sized beds, ceiling fans and a beautiful view of the local flats. A spacious deck in front of the lodge offers an inviting location to swap “golden hour” fishing stories and sip a cold Kalik. All the water for the lodge is produced and filtered by an extensive reverse osmosis system allowing guests to have purified water right from their bathroom taps. The main lodge has several phone lines, a large flat screen satellite TV and 24/7 wireless internet access, so catching the playoff game or staying in touch with family or the office is simple. A fully stocked bar with beer, some wine and most of your favorite spirits awaits you at the end of each angling day. Local beer and basic wine is included in the price as are Roxy’s delicious appetizers.

Angling capacity is 6 rods per week.

When you are on Water Cay, it is surprising how remote the lodge feels even with the bright lights of Freeport glowing just over 20 miles away on the horizon. If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were somewhere deep in the Bight of Acklins or on the west side of Andros. And surprisingly, even though Grand Bahama has three other bonefish lodges, this central habitat is rarely visited because these lodges do not need to travel this far to find fish. As a result, you just do not see many other guide boats plying the waters near Water Cay. Cody and Iram have hired master Bahamian guide Sidney Thomas to run the fishing program. Sidney has a tremendous bonefish pedigree. At 41 years of age, he has worked for all the main lodges on Grand Bahama either as the head guide or as a key bonefish guide. Devoted and hard working, Sidney is the “real deal”. Fishing is in Sidney’s blood and having guided some of the biggest names in the sport on a regular basis, he has honed his craft to a samurai’s fine edge. We will rely on Sidney’s vast experience to assemble a guide staff that reflects his exacting standards. Armed with a remarkable sense of direction and eyes like an osprey, Sidney fishes the labyrinth of cays near the lodge. In many ways, it’s similar to the Marls of Abaco or the west side of Andros. Deep cuts, perfect flats and rocky bottomed bays seem to hold an endless supply of bonefish. It is not unusual to spend a few hours poling an area (while casting to many schools of fish) and then pop out around a corner and see the lodge! The vastness of the bays, creeks and open-edged flats that surround the lodge can be quite deceiving.

The winter months are the times for big fish, but as the water temps stabilize in late March, the school fish show up in massive numbers and these big trophy fish mix with the schools. This integration lasts until late fall when the big fish once again go out on their own as they are able to tolerate the colder water temps. For the angler, this means Water Cay has it all, both big fish and school-sized fish. Permit show up consistently near the northern cays as soon as the winter winds calm and the water temps climb. In order to maintain the productivity of this vast habitat, Water Cay Bonefish Lodge will accommodate only six anglers a week. Anglers will fish out of new high-end, ultra shallow draft Beavertail technical skiffs. A boat’s draft is an important issue in this area and these boats will allow anglers to get closer to fish before they get out to wade. In addition, these 5” draft, Beavertail skiffs will allow the Water Cay guides to have the ability to reach areas other skiffs cannot. If you have never spent a day hunting silvertails out of one of these 18-foot gems you are in for a treat!

3 Beavertail 18 foot Flats Skiffs with 40 horse powered engines. These skiffs are ideal for the area around Water Caye in that they only draft 5 inches of water and can therefore get into a lot of skinny water that other traditional flats skiffs can’t access. Fly and spin welcome

Guests will fly into and out of the Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island International Airport. Grand Bahamas is the easiest flats- fishing destination to get to in the Bahamas, due to the numerous direct daily flights from Miami, West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport, Grand Bahama. Other major east coast hubs like Atlanta are now offering direct flights as well. The island of Grand Bahama is serviced by American, Bahamas Air, Continental, and several private charter services. Once guests clear customs, the Water Caye Lodge minivan will be waiting to shittle guests the 30 minute drive to the “crossing”. Once you arrive at the crossing, Sidney, the head guide, takes you out to Water Caye in a brand new 23 foot Carolina Skiff. The boat ride is about 10 minutes through 3 miles of completely protected water. It’s really quite easy and the whole transfer takes about an hour from the airport to the lodge.

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A valid passport good for 6 months AFTER the trip has been completed. Please note that the Bahamian Government is very strict about the 6 month stipulation and they’ve been known to turn anglers away who don’t have sufficient time left on their passport.

RATES FOR 2018/19

7 nights 6 days fishing $3,495 USD DBL
6 nights 5 days fishing $3,095 USD DBL
5 nights 4 days fishing $2,595 USD DBL
4 nights 3 days fishing $2,095 USD DBL
3 nights 2 days fishing $1,495 USD DBL

7 nights 6 days fishing $4,395 USD SGL
6 nights 5 days fishing $3,795 USD SGL
5 nights 4 days fishing $3,295 USD SGL
4 nights 3 days fishing $2,695 USD SGL
3 nights 2 days fishing $2,295 USD SGL