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International Airport

SJO - San Jose


August to mid - December


4 Anglers per week


Tarpon, tarpon, and more tarpon

The Jungle Tarpon Reserve is a five hour drive in to the jungle from the city of San Jose.

Tarpon, tarpon, and more tarpon

From the beginning of August to mid December.

The lodge runs on a Sunday to Saturday rotation.

Even though this is a fishery in the midst of lush jungle, the lodging is very comfortable. Guests stay in private family owned cabinas located in a fruit –tree covered lawn that has several barbeque and socializing areas, perfect for fly tying and socializing between fishing sessions. The cabinas are simple but all comes with two single beds, private water toilet and warm water shower. The dock where you start your fishing days are located on the property and is only a 2 minute walk across the lawn from your door.

The town is little but a ranching settlement in the middle of the nature reserve, but there are several diverse eating options to be sampled over the course of the week, and anglers will have no shortage of interesting local dishes and cold beverages to enjoy after their days stalking tarpon. It is a very personal affair providing anglers an unfiltered glimpse of this rural ranching settlement. Almost all the restaurants serve a variation of the same dish: fried fish, chicken, or pork served with a side of rice and beans. There is a local supermarket stocking basic supplies such as snacks, drinks, toiletries and other necessities.

4 Anglers per week.

Anglers can expect to fish from simple but efficient river pangas, with 2 anglers per boat taking turns on the bow. Since the environment is quite dynamic, fishing situations are also varied, ranging from sight casting at tarpon hunting or waking in shallow lagoons and creeks, waiting for tarpon to roll or break bait on the surface before presenting a fly, and blind casting in likely areas. There are even times when tarpon congregate at the mouth of one of the jungle’s many creeks and line up in feeding lanes like giant trout in an explosive feeding display one has to see to truly believe.

As in most tarpon fishing worldwide, knowledge of distance casting and accurate presentation is a major asset, but due to the intimate jungle environment anglers can often get much closer to their quarry than in other global fisheries, making this a unique place to hone one’s skills. Overall, anglers can expect many shots at fish ranging from 60 to well over 200 pounds each day as the tarpon here are active feeding fish with very little exposure to fishing pressure.

The most unique and dynamic fishery in the region is unquestionably the river. Flowing through a mosaic of virgin rainforest and active farmlands, this mid-sized jungle river is among the most intense and intimate landscapes imaginable to pursue trophy tarpon. When hooked, these big tarpon typically go wild, leaping into overhanging branches or diving into the dark waters to wrap you on countless obstacles. Fighting tarpon here is active-duty jungle combat at its finest.

The other unique fishery is comprised of a network of shallow creek-fed lagoons. While these are meadows in the dry season, in the fall and early winter they are full of baitfish creating an incredible stillwater tarpon fishery. With wind and chop being extremely rare, the lagoons provide a glassy smooth volcano-ringed arena through which hooked tarpon violently erupt.

Fiberglass skiffs powered by Yamaha 40 HP two stroke engines

Guests will need to fly into the San Jose international airport in Costa Rica on Saturday, one day prior to your fishing package and overnight. The following morning you will be transferred in a minibus to your accommodation and begin your fishing program . On the day of your departure you will leave the lodge around noon, on the following Saturday,and be transferred in a mini bus back to San Jose.

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A valid passport that does not expire for at least 30 days from departure from Costa Rica

RATES FOR 2019/20

6 days/ 6 nights: $4,490 USD, DBL