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EZE - Argentina


late September to April


4 Anglers


Golden Dorado and Tararira

The lodge is located less than an hour away from downtown Buenos Aires, on the second section of the Lower Parana Delta in northeastern Buenos Aires province.

Golden Dorado and Tararira

Late Sep to April

There are no set arrival and departure dates. So long as there’s space, guests may arrival and depart at their convenience.

The lodge was constructed in the “Delta” style, a traditional wood construction built on stilts. To ensure intimacy and personalized attention, the lodge only accommodates 4 guests.

Each room has a private bathroom. Single rooms are a possibility and available under request. If you would like one, please make the request prior to your trip. Meals at the Delta Dorado will make your mouth water, consisting of local meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and delicious deserts. Enjoy your lunch and dinners paired with some of Argentians, and worlds, best wines.

4 anglers

There are two primary species to target when fishing the Delta; Dorado and Tararira. And one of the best aspects to fishing this area is the head guide and co-owner of the lodge, Noel Pollak, who is pretty much Argentina’s foremost expert on dorado fishing on the fly. Noel’s knowledge base for not just dorado but also the Delta environment, is truly exceptional and he is an absolute joy to spend time with. Dorado in the Delta are on average, not as large as those found further north in the Ibera Marshland and will typically range in size between 5-10 pounds. However, it is not uncommon to catch fish in the 12-15 pound range in the Delta and we had a couple of guests last year land several fish in two days that were over 12 pounds.

Although the dorado is one of the most exciting gamefish to catch, there is very little written about fly fishing for dorado in this area. Its complex feeding regime and migratory nature ensure challenging and rewarding fishing opportunities for both expert and entry-level anglers. Dorado are strong and acrobatic—and their pursuit is often more about quality experiences than a numbers game. Dorado are often described as a prehistoric-looking salmon with jaws like a vice. Dorado are also strikingly beautiful, extremely strong, and they jump when hooked. Also a pretty good recipe for a freshwater gamefish. And although the dorado’s body is similar to a salmon’s, the two species are not related and dorado never migrate to the ocean.

The second species targeted in the Delta is the Tararira, which is an aggressive prehistoric looking fish that take poppers and surface flies. Sight-fishing for them is one of Noel’s specialties. They are similar in size to the Delta Dorado and the biggest caught in the Delta so far has been 11.5 pounds.

21 foot boats, that have 115 4 strokes Yamahas; specifically designed for this type of fishing, with central console. Equipped with pushpole on the boats.

Guests fly into Buenos Aires where a private driver will greet you, and take you to the Marina (30-45 min approximately, traffic depending). A boat will then escort you to the lodge – 25 minutes through the Delta.

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All Australian and Canadian residences are required to pay a reciprocity fee, prior to your trip, to legally enter Argentina.
Please click here - www.provincianet.com.ar - to make your purchase.

RATES FOR 2019/20

September 2019 - May 2020

7 nights / 6 day guided fishing $5,600 USD

6 nights / 5 day guided fishing $4,800 USD

5 nights / 4 day guided fishing $4,000 USD

4 nights / 3 day guided fishing $3,200 USD