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International Airport

EZE - Argentina


Jan to early May or

Late-Sep to Early-Nov


6 Anglers / 4 Non-Anglers


Golden Dorado, Pacú, Pirá Pitá

In the Argentinean province of Corrieneter, by the legendary Parana River which marks the border of Argentina and Paraguay.

Golden Dorado, Pacú, Pirá Pitá

Jan to early May or late-Sep to early-Nov

There are no set arrival and departure dates. So long as there’s space, guests may arrival and depart at their convenience.

Built in the 1800’s, and recently refurbished, Alto Patana Lodge is one of the oldest estancias in Corrientes Province. The estancia extends from the Parana River all the way down to the Ibera Marshlands. The main house has four fully air-conditioned-single bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Enjoy your gourmet meals in the dining area, prepared with Argentina’s local farmed beef and fine wines, traditional BBQ’s, and delicious desserts. There’s a living room area to relax in and reflect on your day of fishing in your down time, a fully stocked bar, and fly tying table are available. A veranda, with swimming pool, surrounds the whole house providing a spectacular view. Telephones and internet access are available.

6 Anglers and 4 non-anglers

Alto Paraná Lodge is ideal for those anglers looking for a mixed bag of species which includes dorado, and it’s well suited for non-anglers looking to accompany fishermen on this trip. Non-fishing activities include horseback riding and extensive bird watching for a vast array of species in the marsh.

The Alto Paraná Lodge is located in the best part of the Paraná River for large dorado, and pirá pitá or pacú on dry flies. There are also great opportunities to sight-fish for these three exotic species. Fishing methods include streamer fishing and a significant amount of dry-fly action.

The top species that most guests come to Alto Paraná for is the dorado (salminus brasiliensis). As a top line predator, the dorado is a highly aggressive and acrobatic fish. They jump like a hooked tarpon and can go on some absolutely blistering runs, like a big bonefish. The dorado can be found near confluences, on edges of eddies, riffles, sharp bends in the current, and close to overhanging carpets of water hyacinth. Dorado can be fished in narrow runs, on skinny water, large fish are hooked in a multitude of differing locations in the river. The pirá pitá is also commonly targeted when fishing from Alto Paraná Lodge. There are actually two species of pirá pitá that the lodge guests will target: Brycon Orbignianus and the commonly named in Brazil Piraputanga. Both are, pound for pound, two of the most combative freshwater species. A big plus with the pirá pitá is that both species take surface flies. The other main species fished for is the pacú. The pacú is an incredibly strong and this omnivorous round shaped fish can provide sight-casting opportunities and great dry-fly action. Not only that, they can get big: 15+ pounders have been caught.

To avoid the midday heat, anglers generally leave the lodge early in the morning around 8 am, or earlier. Guests return to the lodge for a swim, lunch and drinks at around 12:30 pm. After Lunch and a siesta boats will typically leave the dock around 4:30 pm, returning at dusk. Fishing hours will change slightly depending on the time of year.

21 foot boats, that have 115 4 strokes Yamahas; specifically designed for this type of fishing, with central console and trolling engines that are handled via remote control.

Guests will fly into Buenos Aires, to where you will catch one of their daily flights to Posadas (PSS). Once arrived, you will be transferred to Alto Parana Lodge, approximately a one hour drive.

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All Australian and Canadian residences are required to pay a reciprocity fee, prior to your trip, to legally enter Argentina.
Please click here - www.provincianet.com.ar - to make your purchase.

RATES FOR 2018/19

October 2018 - April 30, 2019

Rates are per person based on a SGL occupancy and shared guide.

7 nights / 6 days fishing $ 5,565 USD

6 nights / 5 days fishing $ 4,890 USD

5 nights / 4 days fishing $ 4,125 USD

4 nights / 3 days fishing $ 3,400 USD