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Just got home from another trip to Cayo Cruz, which has fast become my favorite permit destination to fish. I had a group of 10 guests from Norway and 3 guests from Western Canada along for the trip. We had some horrific weather during the week, which played havoc on the fishing.

Week 3 at Cayo Romano May 8-15

Date: Tue 07 Jun 11

The lodge was packed to the rafters with a full complement of 16 guests in total for the week. This included 8 guests form the Pacific Angler in Vancouver BC and the film crew from Fly nation that was down for our final week to shoot an hour long TV show, which will air this fall. Also on board were 4 Americans, a couple of which had traveled all the way from California to be some of the first from the US to wade and fish this wonderful flats ecosystem. The weather could not have been better for the entire week and as a result, the fishing was outstanding.
The tarpon started to show up early in the week and I managed to land one of about 60 pounds on day 3. These fish are not leader shy in the least. I say this because I was fishing for big cudas and had a wire leader attached to a red and white Deceiver. When I saw the tarpon laying up in a mangrove hole I actually thought it was an enormous cuda. When I made the cast I thought it was a cuda. When it took the fly we all thought it was a cuda. When the season 2 premier of Fly Nation airs you will see why. Tim Myers the excellent lead videographer of the series, shot the whole thing in high def so the footage should be pretty good.
The other host of the show was my friend Josh Nugent from Calgary. He got into the action early on day one and was slamming big bones from the get go. Josh was the only angler during our 3 weeks to land a double digit bone and I think it’s safe to say that he had never experienced the kind of bonefishing that we got into while the film crew was there. In all my years of saltwater fishing I don’t think that I have ever seen an angler as fluid and quick as Josh is. The guides we were filming with for the week were calling him Maestro by the end of the second day. It’s a beautiful site to watch someone who uses a fly rod the way Wayne Gretsky does a hockey stick.
All week were were getting into good sized mutton snappers on the flats and in the mangroves. There were lots of god sized snappers landed during the week and we had several 4-6 pounders eaten by 40 pound Cubera snappers. Its an incredible site in 2 feet of gin clear water to see your fish getting eaten by a monster.
On our last day of fishing and filming Josh managed to land his first Grand Slam. His bonefish and permit were beautiful and he managed to pick the permit right off the back of a ray in about 3 feet of water. I won’t tell you about the tarpon though. For that you will have to watch the show when it airs in early November. I’ll be sending out an email blast later this summer to let everyone know when it’s going to air this fall.

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