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Just got home from another trip to Cayo Cruz, which has fast become my favorite permit destination to fish. I had a group of 10 guests from Norway and 3 guests from Western Canada along for the trip. We had some horrific weather during the week, which played havoc on the fishing.


Date: Tue 03 Sep 13

Occasionally when we going on fishing trips, the fishery is just not happening/co operating the way we envisioned that it would when we decided to do the trip. The usual culprit is weather, which pretty much dictates the kind of trip we end up getting. Other times it’s that the bait fish haven’t shown up or the river is flooded. We can meticulously plan all we want but the reality is that there are things that are out of our control, that greatly impact our trips and we have to accept this as part of the “deal” when traveling to fish. This means that we should always have a Plan B when traveling to fish.
Friend and client Brad E from Houston was fishing Baja earlier this month to specifically target roosters on the fly. After a day and a half of searching and seeing very few fish, Brad decided to switch to Plan B and head out offshore. The result of which was the fish of a lifetime. A 225 pound Striped Marlin that he site cast to and then fought for an hour and 15 minutes before getting it in to the boat.

Friend and client Ed B from Toronto was fishing with me at Cayo Largo Cuba in June of this year. We were there to focus on permit for the week. We arrived to thick clouds, strong winds and grey skies and this was pretty much how the whole week played out. I am not exaggerating when I say that this was the worst week of weather I have ever had while fishing Cuba. The permit fishing was next to impossible for our week and while we had some shots towards the end of the week, the permit we did see were definitely off the bite. On Day 3, Ed went to Plan B and asked his guide to forget the permit and to try for something different. The result was a 60 pound tarpon, his first. Hooked and landed in a torrential downpour no less. Plan B indeed
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