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Just got home from another trip to Cayo Cruz, which has fast become my favorite permit destination to fish. I had a group of 10 guests from Norway and 3 guests from Western Canada along for the trip. We had some horrific weather during the week, which played havoc on the fishing.

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New Zealand

Venezuela Back to Cuba

Date: Fri 25 Mar 11

After my two weeks at Los Roques I flew from Caracas back to Havana where I spent Saturday night walking the Prado and the Malecon and just watching the city in all its glory. Saturday night in Havana is electric and even though I was absolutely exhausted from fishing in Venezuela for 2 weeks and the subsequent travel back to Cuba, I still could not pass up the opportunity to spend time… Read More

Los Roques Venezuela

Date: Sat 13 Mar 10

Just got home from a superb week of fishing Los Roques Venezuela with Alex d Elena at Pez Raton Lodge. Our group of 8 consisted largely of long time friends who I have fished and travelled with to many of the most remote fishing destinations on the planet. It was truly a wonderful week! We had a little bit of sketchy weather with some strong winds towards the end of the week and had to contend… Read More