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We dont post as often as we would like as we are usually traveling. Always on the lookout for new and unique fishing destinations for our dicerning clientele. Be sure to visit our site more often as we add new and original locations on a monthly basis.

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New Zealand

Week 2 at Cayo Romano May 1-8

Date: Tue 07 Jun 11

Week 2 at Romano brought a much bigger group of guests, stiff winds and lots of shot a permit. We had guests from Norway, Canada, England, Thailand and the US and everyone was excited with the dramatically increased number of permit from the previous week. The first two days were particularly challenging due to the wind but everyone seemed to make the best of it. At Romano there are a lot of places where you can… Read More

Last week of April on the North Shore Cayo Romano Cuba

Date: Tue 07 Jun 11

The last week of April I headed up to the North Shore of Cubas vast coastline to start the first of 3 back to back weeks with guests at Cayo Romano. It was a small group of only 5 guests but we were all eager to get out onto the virgin flats and see what this newest of Cubas flats fisheries had in store for us. I had not been to Romano since last July where… Read More

Mid April in Cuba on the South Shore

Date: Tue 07 Jun 11

I spent a week down the the Zapata with some guests from the US and we had a spectacular time. There were a lot of fish up on the flats during the week and we had light winds and plenty of sunshine. We were seeing a lot of tailing bonefish during the first half of the week and the specially modified flats skiffs were ideal for getting us in tight to the mangroves where the bones… Read More

April in Belize….Lots of wind

Date: Tue 07 Jun 11

April in Belize usually traditionally means lots of sun and manageable winds. This past April however, the winds in Belize were very strong for much of the month. It was frustrating for the anglers who did their homework, booked good weeks in a month that usually produces angler friendly conditions. It just goes to show you that when you book a trip to fish the salt, weather plays an enormous role in all aspects of your… Read More

Venezuela Back to Cuba

Date: Fri 25 Mar 11

After my two weeks at Los Roques I flew from Caracas back to Havana where I spent Saturday night walking the Prado and the Malecon and just watching the city in all its glory. Saturday night in Havana is electric and even though I was absolutely exhausted from fishing in Venezuela for 2 weeks and the subsequent travel back to Cuba, I still could not pass up the opportunity to spend time out and about in downtown… Read More