• Cayo Romano, Cuba
  • Canada, Bow River
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Mauritius Atoll
  • Pyrenees Mountains, Spain
Featured Destinations 2014-2015
Argentina is a land of astounding beauty and wide open expansive territory. There are more rivers in Argentina than one could count...
Brown Trout, sea-run Brown Trout...
Cook Islands
The South Pacific Islands are a large cluster of islands strewn over an enormous amount of territory, with thousands of islands and atolls scattered...
Bonefish, Giant Trevelly, Humphead Wrasse, Parrtofish....
Costa Rica
With a relatively small population of roughly three and a half million inhabitants, Costa Rica boasts of one of the oldest and more stable...
Sailfish and rooster fish. Blue marlin, tuna, grouper...
Travel Blog
High tales of bonefish, tarpon, permit, fat trout, sailfish and marlin in beautiful locations around the world. What's biting and where, along with international travel tips and some great photos.
Special Opportunities
Guests will find some very unique and highly desirable trips. These trips are often a great place for single anglers looking to tag onto a group for the week.
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